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20/21 Artwork

The 20/21 Nomad & Maiden Freeride Collection highlight six different ancient civilizations from around the world. By featuring these environments, we hope to pay homage to the wisdom that they have passed on throughout the years. The Freeride Collection is our storytelling & theme-driven artwork from Travis Parr this season. The All-Mountain Collection keeps with a classic wood aesthetic throughout the entire line. The Pioneer & Riveters illustrate steep and deep mountains on top of wood (steep on the Pioneers and deep on the Riveters), while the Sabres & Oracles spotlight different geometric patterns using wood inlays reminiscent of the 19/20 All-Mountain designs. The Backcountry Collection continues being visually rooted in exploration and mapping. This season, the Mystics & Naturals showcase legendary beings that have been spotted in each of these different environments. The Mystics boast a mermaid and a map of the West Indies, and the Naturals give us a glimpse of a yeti on a map of the Rocky Mountains.