Icelantic was founded in Evergreen, CO by Ben Anderson. Ben's passion for skiing led him to start making skis out of his parents garage. Word of his new skis spread through his local community like wildfire and Ben began to recruit a tight knit group of friends to help him build his vision into a reality. To see the whole story watch the video below.



One Degree Celsius is a temperature of change - a moment when water molecules begin to crystalize into snow and ice. This transformation creates a world we love - one of snowy mountains, untracked lines and grand adventure. For us, it also represents a spirit of exploration, innovation and the potential that drives us to be who we are and do what we do.



We are proud to announce that 100% of our skis, apparel and accessories are manufactured right here in the USA. Having our products domestically made allows us to take a hands-on approach throughout the manufacturing process ensuring the highest quality products while strengthening the US economy at the same time.




What does #ReturnToNature mean to us?
To us iIt means getting outside, feeling your heartbeat,
listening to the snow falling silently to the ground.   Connecting.   
On a deeper level, #ReturnToNature is a simple reminder for us to breathe deeply; to sit in stillness and enter the wilderness in our own psyche.  We all carry the entrance to this place of renewal with us, and so often we look somewhere else for it.   Returning to nature is returning to self, to those things that feed us, teach us, show us and grow us.   Everything we need and want, our purpose here on this earth already exists, and if you’ve forgotten this, or are just waking up to the idea,



 Since year 1, Artist Travis Parr has created the original artwork for every one of Icelantic’s top-sheets. As a Co-Founder, Artist and Art Director for Icelantic Skis, Parr has had the opportunity to help create the artistic story year after year, supporting the dynamic nature of art at Icelantic. Parr’s goal is to create and maintain an environment that support the multiple facets of Icelantic: Community, Lifestyle, and the idea of evolving the human existence through an appreciation for the arts, good business practices and the connection with nature.

For more sensory enlightenment visit parrstudios.net or @parrstudios on Instagram


The Mountain Infantry:
A Return To Nature Story

Icelantic is honored to announce a long-time-coming partnership with the 10th Mountain Division Foundation. To celebrate this partnership, Icelantic has produced, an exclusive 10th Mountain Division Nomad Ski, featuring original artwork by Denver artist, Rashelle Stetman.

In addition to the ski, we wanted to tell a little bit of the story of these men and women, so we decided to make a short film. The Mountain Infantry – A Return to Nature Story” features Icelantic athletes Julian Carr, Owen Leeper, Hayden Price and Amy David, and explores the role that nature had and has, on these soldiers maintaining through hard times, as well as its role in redefining life after war.