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Icelantic Becomes a Certified B Corporation™

Icelantic Becomes a Certified B Corporation™

For years, we have grown our business in a meaningful way; now we have the title to back it up. We recognize we have a long way to go, yet this is one instrumental step in our effort to creating a sustainable company — in all definitions of the word.

We now join the growing movement of like-minded companies from all over the world who share similar priorities and are committed to using business as a force for good. We're specifically proud to join our snowsport industry friends (looking at you, Wndr, Faction, Taos, Burton). A rising tide floats all ships, and we're proud to join the amazing snowsport companies who have made the same commitments in an effort to better our planet.

What is B Corp?

Certified B Corporations, B Corps for short, are for-profit companies dedicated to using business as a force for good. B Corps use the power of business to solve our most pressing global challenges. The B Corp Certification is based on three essential pillars – Alone, none of the pillars are sufficient. It's the combination that makes it unique, credible, and significant.

Everything involved in the assessment process is publicly available here. We are proud of our assessment and are dedicated to improving in every area.

Why get B Corp Certified?

Why go through this process? That’s a fair question.

By joining the B Corp movement, we can protect our mission as we grow and scale our business. We can network and join a like-minded forward-thinking network. We can work with that larger network to help pass legislation advancing sustainable business.

Our Commitment:

COMPANY GOVERNANCE: Our decisions affect more than our company and we commit to consider outside advice and help (outside stakeholders) when making decisions.

WORKERS: We commit to providing our employees a living wage, profit sharing for our full time employees, a flexible work schedule, health care benefits, unlimited paid time off, and more.

COMMUNITY: We honor a commitment to producing at least 50% of our core products in the United States.

ENVIRONMENT: We commit to taking steps in improving our environment and our company’s impact. We track and offset our carbon emissions and are certified Climate Neutral. We have already incorporated measures such as upgrading to sustainable packaging, using recycled materials for our apparel, powering our HQ through Solar, and more – and we will only continue to add to this list.

CUSTOMERS: We commit to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service possible. We offer a 3-Year Warranty program for our skis and ensure that is a seamless and professional experience.

Lastly, we are committed to being as transparent with our customers as we are with our own internal team. If you have comments, questions, or want more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us – connect with Sean Fox, our Sustainability Manager (who, by the way, deserves a massive shout-out and congratulations) via email at 

Check out our official B Corporation assessment & results here.