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If you’ve seen an Icelantic in the wild, chances are the first thing you noticed is the art. Whether it’s pods of whales swirling in the deep sea, or busy bumble bees, buzzing down the mountain, you’ve witnessed what artist Travis Parr likes to call his “living gallery.”  Travis Parr has been the visual storyteller and artist of Icelantic since our inception.  Drawing inspiration from nature, Travis uses the skis as a canvas to showcase our story, and to transport onlookers into another dimension.

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“Nature is life’s process. My own observation of life is returning to this ‘nature’ as an artist. The images that are depicted in the 19/20 Freeride Collection are of creatures in their natural habitats. My approach to the Freeride  line was to showcase the modern tradition of American illustration using traditional methods - drawing and painting. Art is composed of material, feelings and concepts. Life is a soul-ride.” — Co-Founder and Artist, Travis Parr 

Icelantic’s 18/19 lineup features artwork from Co-Founder and Artist Travis Parr in collaboration with Designer Lauren Kwan to tell our multifaceted story. Each collection features a different medium that we feel will best caters to the skier type and the ski itself. 

The 17/18 Freeride Collection tells the story of exploration.  The constant strive to continue to explore the world we live in not only inspires us, but keeps us moving in the right direction.  Each ski highlights a different way and area the great explorers have traveled throughout history: Air, Water, Land, Outer Space, Inner Space. The 17/18 Pioneer and Oracle All-Mountain skis showcase geometric mountains that are designed to cater to a wide variety of people, who love the mountains as much as we do! The 17/18 Sabre All-Mountain Carve skis showcases the magic of ONE DEGREE CELSIUS, highlighting ice fractals that are as sharp as the edges on these skis. The 17/18 Vanguard Backcountry Touring skis showcase the iconic snow monkeys of Japan.  We wanted to illustrate the serenity that one looks for when touring in the backcountry.