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21/22 Artwork

21/22 Artwork

The 21/22 Freeride Collection takes a deeper dive into each of the ancient civilizations of the 20/21 Nomad + Maiden Freeride Collections, showcasing ancient civilizations and the environments that forged them. To know and honor our past is to pave the way for progress and evolution, so as we honor what was, we beckon what will be. We are a global society now more than ever before, and recognizing that we all come from the same land—different as it may look—we all bring knowledge that is vital for human evolution. The Freeride Collection is our storytelling & theme-driven artwork from Travis Parr this season. 

Our Nia Pro continues with a wildflower theme while still being bold & strong, while the Saba Pro will continue focusing on geometric patterns in a dreamlike setting - both directions are decisions made by a collaboration between our men’s and women’s athlete teams, and artist Parr.

Our All-Mountain Collections are an evolving aesthetic of wood and mountain themes. For the 21/22 Pioneer and Riveter collections, we've added stunning pops of bold color reminiscent of the Northern Lights and other natural phenomena.

The 21/22 Backcountry Collection continues our annual theme of geo/mapping/mythological creatures by featuring a kraken on the Natural and a jackalope on the Mystics, combined with an angled solid tail. The Nomad + Maiden LITEs skis mimic their Freeride Collection brother + sister with their respective “Ancient Civilizations” themes modified to be slightly more muted along with an angled solid tail indicative of its place among Icelantic’s Backcountry Series.