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10/11 Artwork

If someone asked you why you like music, how would you answer? It can’t really be put into words or expressed by conversation – It is self-evident. That’s kind of like someone asking you why you like skiing. Music provides a conduit for emotions and expression. Without grammar or definition, music communicates the untold undefined pieces that make our lives whole. Music contains ancient patterns woven in time; there is logic, momentum, unbreakable sequences, flowing rhythms, mystery and clarity all working together. Much like skiing, music is less about playing the right notes and more about feeling them. You can travel to the other side of the world, bot understand a single word on the menu, in the subway, on the computer keyboard, but the moment you click in and crank it up, it’s all clear. No words need be spoken. Feelings are shard. Emotions created, and experiences born. This is the music of life. So kick off your shoes, embrace the flow and TUNE IN!