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Athlete Profile: Words And Photo Sharing From Icelantic's Rebecca Selig

IMG_1108 PC: Petar Dopchev Profile pic, last picture I took for my mother. I gifted this one to her and my dad so they could see me while I was gone skiing. . Words By: Rebecca Selig When Scotty, the Icelantic team manager, asked me to blog about my recent Spring skiing experiences I immediately thought it would be nearly impossible to describe. I thought about writing him back and asking more questions. Where will this blog get posted and who will be reading what I write? I’ve struggled this winter as a professional athlete trying to find a balance between sharing my story with social media and wondering what opportunity will hit next if any or should I just give up. It seems to me the popularity contest has moved to Instagram and I’m not a photographer or all that popular. I’ve thought about getting hair extensions, whitening my teeth and finding a reason to pose for the camera with a bikini on just to desperately search for more attention. What I have learned from my experiences recently is to be soft spoken and the skiing will continue to find me. If I don’t push and control the situation it will all be in better hands regardless of what I do. . Last winter I missed a season of skiing in the mountains to spend time with my mother who passed in August from cancer. It was the most life shaping decision that I have ever made in my life. To stay with her during her last days and miss the powder skiing I love and those epic days that never end lifestyle wasn’t easy. As a recovered alcoholic, I knew it would be challenging to face the alcohol, morphine and prescription drugs that were flowing like a river in and out of the people closest to me for over 1 year. I found happiness while taking my parents dogs for daily walks, running around Vietnam Veteran memorial gatherings with my dad, volunteering at the cancer center where my mom tried chemo therapy treatments, and mostly on the local hill called Timber Ridge where I grew up skiing. I found love through spending time with my mother and learning more about her after being away for nearly 15 years. It was an experience that has made my days on the hill more joyful than ever. . After the journey to spend time with my mother came to an end, I decided to move back to Colorado this winter and pick up the life that kept me inspired during my stay at home. I had a friend who told me I could live with him for free and I was lucky enough to have a ski pass lined up in return for some marketing shoots. I worked a part time job and skied five days a week. It was a ski bums dream come true. My bills were low and who needs health insurance? On the drive back home the engine blew in my car, the following week I was in need of a root canal and one week later on Christmas morning I busted my chin open hitting a cliff needing 13 stitches. Still skiing and enjoying the heck out of life, trying not to dwell on those real life problems so I managed to strive forward and stay positive. On January 7th my life was threatened by a large avalanche that killed my friend Tony. I took more time to grieve since. Some days on the hill and some days off. Some ways through prayer and some ways through silence. Discovering my fears and getting more honest seemed to help. . My spirit animal recently found me a few weeks ago on the Colorado River. Since then, I have slept two nights in the heart of the Gore Range and topped out on a couloir called CC Rider. We wanted to give up a few times then a golden eagle flew by the notch we were aiming for and we somehow managed to top out. Friends call me often to take a trip and have an adventure. Yesterday we peaked on Drift and I got to witness Joe reaching a lifetime goal that has rejected him before of making it to this summit. I think it was physically the highest in elevation I have ever been, but who’s measuring? I had opportunities to ski for the camera and film with production companies this winter. When I was little I only dreamed of being so naturally beautiful looking while skiing through the powder like the women did in Warren Miller. I think my dreams have come true and the promises get even better because I have faith. This is what my Spring has been like. I have returned home and the skiing keeps finding me! . So when I go out there now I think about my mom, Tony and many others and think how stinking lucky I am to be alive. I think about being a born again Christian, daughter of a Vietnam Vet, avalanche survivor, recovered alcoholic, 5x ACL replacement patient, professional female skier, world champion and proud daughter of a mother who was real and loving and always wanted me to live my dream. Whether I stand on top of a peak, share a moment on the chairlift with a stranger, party on top of 4 at 4 to celebrate Vail’s closing day, or catch some air followed by a face shot it is always better. . Happy Spring~Where dreams come true Photos Gallery - Rebecca Selig: . 5.Rebecca Tank web PC: Roberta Roberi Enjoying the beautiful sunsets in La Parva, Chile with the Icey ladies. . orton_110401_268-1 PC: Patrick Orton Just another day in East Vail catching some air with blue skies. . IMG_2099 PC: Mike Whitfield Half way up my first summit up Drift peak, 13900' with Joe Otembra. . IMG_1800 PC: Paul Nenninger That's me in the black on the rock if you look closely. Our camp for the night. With Beaver Creek Ski Patrol crew and a few others enjoying a little down time on West Water Canyon right before my spirt animal, a river swallow, find me and I feel more purposeful. . IMG_2020 PC Wayne Bolte Almost to the summit of CC Rider last weekend after camping overnight in the valley of the Gore Range. These were some of the most trying moments in both of our lives to not give up. We saw a golden eagle that gave us hope to keep going. . IMG_2135 PC: Mike Whitfield Top of Drift Peak. First time I have seen so many big mountains in one place. Practicing using my ice axe for steeper terrain. . IMG_2103 PC: Mike Whitfield Follow Joe up to the summit of Drift Peak. . IMG_2153 PC: Wayne Bolte Standing in the valley above our camp and below CC Rider. Soaking in the sunshine, admiring the views, and catching a breather before the big hike. The Gore Range is one of the most humbling places I have experienced life. Some of my favorite days have been spent here facing some of my hardest physical struggles. Many tears of mine have been shed in the beloved Gore! . IMG_2161 Just the bottom play area in the Gore after we skied our line back to camp. Clearly neither one of us are photographers! . IMG_2130 Parking lot in Mayflower Gulch below Drift. Every thing you see from the road and never realize how much work it takes to get to the top unless you just peaked. _ Rebecca rides the Nomad RKR and Oracle. Follow Rebecca Selig on social media. Instagram: @rebeccaselig Facebook:
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