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Behind The Scene Of The Creation Of The Oracle

This week we will reveal how Travis Parr envisioned and created the top-sheet design of Mother Mountain on The Oracle Ski.

Since the beginning artist Travis Parr has created all the top sheet artwork for Icelantic Skis.  This is the behind of the scene look at his process creating this years 14-15 Return To Nature series.

 The inspiration for creating this year’s Icelantic Oracle was the attempt to depict our “Earth Mother”. She is a personification of nature, fertility, motherhood, creation, and destruction.

The original sculpture of the Oracle “Earth Mother” was created using high performance clay. I first create an armature out of wood, and then start the process of adding the clay to the surface.  Once the material is built up enough I then start creating the features of the subject. Knowing that I wanted to inlay the clay, I chose Pearl Shell for her eyes to depict a spiritual quality to the piece.  After the inlay is completed and the piece is done firing, I take it into the airbrush studio where it becomes a finished piece of Art. I then gather materials from nature to help tell its own story. In this case it was a combination of feathers and fur.



 At Icelantic Skis we believe in a deep connection with nature. This year's theme celebrates symbols from ancient oceans to deep elder forests, from our Mountain Mother to our Ocean Father and the animals that help complete the circle. There is a delicate balance in nature - one that highlights both the intricacies of the individual as well as the symbiosis of the community. When we step away from the screen and turn our attention to the forests, the mountains, the streams and all of the inhabitants within, we will see life - as it's meant to be.

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