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Dan Greene - Wanted (Season Edit and Star Role in 80's Ski Music Video)

Icelantic athlete Dan Greene is a familiar mug among core skier in Montana as a local line murderer notorious for consistently and aggressively killing lines all over the Big Sky area. Watch out he'll steal your line and slay it with no remorse. Haha just kidding... kinda. While Dan is fearless and tactical on his skis and yes built of steel, he is also a super fun and positive energy on the hill and most of all he is one with the mountain and contrary to what I said he loves to share it if you can keep up.

See for yourself in this KILLER season edit he dropped, skiing on his Nomads.


Dan is not only the star in own videos, he can also be seen starring in this epic 2014, 80's throwback, right of passage, underdog rises up ski music video out of Big Sky with 12.5 thousand views. Take a few minutes, sit back and really enjoy this video below, it's worth it. See if you can figure out which is Dan.


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