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From Skier To Skier...

From skier to skier feeling the powder has never been so fun. Bashing and thrashing the ground under you full of white pillowy goodness is like seating in no traffic on I70. After the adrenaline wears thin and you need to go refuel with your friends at the lodge with some spicy chili or steaming hot chocolate. Its good to bring another layer with you…The Hoodie Dress is perfect for just that. The long and sliming feature of the Hoodie Dress makes you look stylish but still feel the sensation of you being at home with your slippers and cuddled up to a big bowl of popcorn. The Hoodie Dress is made with 100% cotton aka California fleece. We also carry a slew of different colors and prints. xl_HOODIEDRESS_CO_White1 DETAILS_White_HOODIE_Label DETAILS_White_CO This week for our Free Stuff Friday contest we are giving away just that. So make sure you sign up @ for your chance to win!

Let it Snow!

Icey Crew

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