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Getaway To Chile


Joe Turner and I were getting antsy for some skiing and adventure, we had flight passes burning holes in our pockets so we sent it down to Chile. It took us less than 24 hours to reach the streets of Santiago with all of our ski gear. After negotiating an "under the table" deal on a rental car in a downtown ally we were on our way.

Rental Car Santiago

Renting Car

We spent a day exploring the city. Rain at lower elevation was a promising sign for snow as we had our sights set on Portillo. 

Rainy Day in Santiago


Met up with friends on their way to Portillo for a photo shoot. That's none other than Mike Arzt and Ian Fohrman tasting delicious Chilean beer with us.


Scenic journey through the Chilean countryside on our way into the Andes Mountains.

Countryside cactus

Hotel Portillo



Arrived and went straight out for some skiing.

Dudes chairlift

First run cliff SCVFirst run of the season was a good one.

Bridge return

 Ski Patrol

DogLegendary resident of the Hotel Portillo. Next to the front door is just one of the many places you will find Radska napping.

Epic sunset on night one before the storm rolled in.

snow smile

Dumping! Snowed in... for two days!

dig out

hot tubEmbrace it. The Hotel Portillo is a fun place to hang out even if you're not skiing.


Finally the storm had cleared and it was time to ski.


SCV Coffee

Coffee and sunrise view from the deck.

coffee cupTres Hermanos in the background.

bluebird lake

Bluebird :)

JoeJoe "Turns" Turner - Cheesin' for a reason.

Bluebird lift

"Enough with the Pisco and war stories, let's make new stories."


Weapons of choice. The Nomad and The Vanguard.

joe top of lineJoe Turner getting ready to drop into a techy chute.

scotty slashSpraying pow turns all the way down to the lake.

b and w chair

trafficBack to Santiago for some more urban exploring before catching our flight back home. Junk show...


city view hill

city view

Scotty profile

Blog post by: Scotty VerMerris

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