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Getting Naked In Front Of Strangers With Alex Taran


It’s no secret really…. Hot springs make everything better. Hiking and camping is awesome. Hiking and camping into hot springs…. even better.  Eating delicious food, awesome…. Eating delicious food while hot springing…. even better. So obviously: Skiing, camping, and hot springs…pure gold.


The 18th of September is Chilean Independence Day: think red meat, copious amounts of booze, dancing, all around locura (craziness). At times this can be followed by: wandering home, vomiting, apologizing to your girlfriend/boyfriend, and repeating (for 3 more days). We decided to take off a day early, go skin and ski to some hot springs, and postpone the locura … for at least one day.


What to do on a trip to Aquas Calientes: Skin up Ski down Set up camp next to a small waterfall Skinny dip in a variety of hot pools, within a hot creek. Pay no mind to the other group eating dinner above you (I bet they didn’t think they’d have to eat dinner next to two naked foreigners when they set up camp right next to the river). Laugh about the guys eating dinner Get out Freeze your ass off (for a moment) Watch the sun set over volcanoes Cook dinner Split bottle of wine Laugh Look at stars Commence wine induced singing Laugh about wine induced singing Fall asleep Wake up Attempt several times to motivate the exit of the sleeping bag Finally exit (motivated by the need to urinate)= Drink double the amount of coffee (thanks to the Catalan who doesn’t drink coffee without sugar or milk)= Pack up Say goodbye to this incredibly beautiful place Skin up Ski down= Commence Chilean Independence Day locura - Alex Taran
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