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High Alpine Adventuring On The Vanguard With Hayden Price

Words by: Hayden Price

It's dark, it's cold, it's been snowing for a while. Click. Click, click. Click. Click, click. The sounds of the tech bindings attaching my feet to the feather lite skis that will gingerly grip their way up the mountain. So light it's like they aren't even there. With grace and ease I kickturn my way up the mountain, the summit getting closer with each step. Surveying snow qualities and visualizing the best descent from the peak I notice the mountains not caring that I'm there. This is for me, I find meaning in this pursuit and flow state combination. Skins are peeled from my bases and the skis take on a new life! I am exactly where I want to BE.

For me the Vanguard is a unique, lightweight tool that I use to attack far and often hard to get to lines in the backcountry. I don't have to compromise ski ability and fun being on this backcountry touring ski. The early rise and taper in the tip allow for graceful powder turns while the camber under foot and the flat tail give me confidence in steep, scratchy terrain. Utilitarian needs meet creative desires in the Vanguard.

Photos By: Sam C Watson

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