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Icelantic x 10th Mountain Division Ski & Film

Icelantic x 10th Mountain Division Ski & Film

Since we started making skis, 10 years ago, we’ve known that some day, we’d work together with what we revere as one of the most important elements responsible for creating the ski industry we know and love today: The 10th Mountain Division.

As kids, we’d marvel at the statues in Vail, listen to our grandparents tell us stories of the fabled men and women who trained, traveled and defended on skis, in the mountains; who eventually built the foundation to many of our ski resorts.

Today, Icelantic is humbly honored to announce a long-time-coming partnership with the 10th Mountain Division. To celebrate this engagement, Icelantic has produced, an exclusive 10th Mountain Division Nomad Ski, featuring original artwork by Rashelle Stetman. In the best spirit of alpine skiing, Icelantic will make a contribution of every “Ski Trooper” ski to the 10th Mountain Foundation, Inc. to support the Foundation's charitable works.  

In addition to the ski, we wanted to somehow tell at least a little bit of the story of these men and women, so we decided to make a short film.

“The Mountain Infantry – A Return to Nature Story” will premier this Thursday September 29th, at the Golden Mountaineering Center during Bent Gate’s Season Kickoff Party.   Featuring Icelantic athletes Julian Carr, Owen Leeper, Hayden Price and Amy David, this short film explores the role that nature had and has, on these soldiers maintaining through hard times, as well as its role in redefining life after war.

The skis will be available for look and see at this Thursday’s premier, and will be available for sale, on-line in early October.

Please join us, along with the Front Range mountain community, this Thursday as we celebrate a most special season, sport and community!

See you there!

-  Annelise


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