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Icey Hits Big Sky MT For Powder Week!

Showing up to a whole new venue for Powder Week was a trip. Looking up at this gnarly mountain, a different one Lone Peak was already for something different.
Of course opening ceremonies were full of lively energy, kinda like showing up at summer camp again and seeing all your long lost friends.
Big Sky Resort offered up the best groomers our gang has ever seen, seriously. As skiers navigated further, we all learned quickly what Big Sky was all about off piste... GNAR!!
This place is made up of mixed technical terrain and ROCKS! Super fun, super challenging, keeping everyone on their toes.
Testers loved how the 15/16 Icelantic Skis could perform incredibly well in all circumstances and conditions.
Icey brand Ambasador and athlete manager Scotty Vermerris joined his Gelande Quaffing Team again for some competitive beer drinking and this year brought the thunder almost making three rounds!
The snow fell night after night in moderate amounts however coated the mountain with just the tight blanketing of that cold Montana smoke making skiing more and more fun everyday.
Dancing, drinking, life size hot tubs and the celebration of skiing and the spirit of Captain Powder flowed through us all.
Can't wait for next year!
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