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Icey Shop Spotlight - evo Denver, The New Age Of Brick And Mortar. The Great 8 And The Evolution Of "evoStyle"

Icey Shop Spotlight - evo Denver, The New Age Of Brick And Mortar. The Great 8 And The Evolution Of "evoStyle"

Things have been great for evo Denver! We have now been open just over a year and every day we welcome many new people in our doors. This city has been extremely receptive of us. We have an amazing staff and have hosted some great events that have really helped build a reputation for us as the new premier shop in Denver. Last year evo acquired long-time local shop Edgeworks/Bike Dr, so we went out the gates with a reputable ski/bike shop, service staff, and service manager and have since added top notch service for boot-fitting, ski and snowboard sales, as well as apparel and accessories sales. The Denver store is evo’s 3rd flagship store, having opened the Portland store in 2014, and the original Seattle store in 2005, four years after the start of then Our Denver store is an ever-expanding 10,000 sq ft space in the heart of Denver. We host an array of events with a focus on giving back to the community.


Since the beginning evo has tied ecommerce to the brick and mortar experience, something that is becoming all to relevant today. Rather than trying to catch up to this type of customer experience, we have constantly been ahead of the game. We have always lived by our core values, called “The Great 8”, and at the heart of that is “evoStyle”. This is the style and approach we bring to all customer-facing pieces, whether it is the service in store, the experience you find on the web, or what you get at one of our events. People come to us and stay with us for the community and inclusion they receive at all touch points with the company. Brick and mortar retail is alive and strong in the ski industry due to the high level of service required to get fitted in the right boots, choose the right skis, find the right outerwear fit, and keep all of your products tuned. We have been successful at combining a strong online resource with lots of inventory and great deals and then point our online customers to our own stores, or to La Familia partners, where they can go to have their purchases setup to for the best possibly use.


We host a huge array of events and sales at our store, including movie premiers, avalanche awareness classes, gear maintenance clinics, athlete meet and greets, and various charity events. We have an art gallery that changes out every month or two with a kick off party. Whenever possibly we bring in a local non-profit, like SOS Outreach, to raise funds and awareness for. Our Grand Opening week is a great example of the kinds of events we throw.

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