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Introducing: The Grand Teton National Park Collection

Introducing: The Grand Teton National Park Collection

We’re incredibly proud to introduce the second annual installment of the Special Edition National Park Collection. Each year, we honor a new National Park through these collections, and to celebrate year two, we give you GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK.



The artwork behind this year’s Grand Teton National Park Collection was done by Icelantic Artist and Co-Founder Travis Parr and features the iconic peaks of the Grand Tetons.

The Grand Teton National Park Collection features the Grand Teton Nomad 105, Grand Teton Maiden 101, artwork and winter apparel (coming soon).

Why National Parks?

If you’re familiar with Icelantic, you know that our main mantra is #ReturnToNature through and through. By creating a National Parks collection, we hope to honor the beauty and importance that the parks offer. Each year we plan on featuring a new National Park, highlighting the beauty and wonder of each park.

With each National Park we feature, we will be donating 10% of all sales back to the park directly to help preserve, maintain, and protect the beauty of each park.

This year we are donating 10% of all sales to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

The Grand Teton National Park Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fund projects that enhance Grand Teton National Park’s cultural, historic, and natural resources and to help others learn about and protect all that is special in the park.

The Foundation initiates improvements, critical research, and projects that help better connect visitors to the park, creating a stable future for Grand Teton and the experiences of those who visit. Grand Teton National Park Foundation is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most successful friends' groups to partner with the National Park Service. To date, the Foundation has raised more than $80 million for projects in the park.

“The National Parks are truly magical places. Our goal is not only to showcase their beauty, but also give back financially through the sales of the skis to preserve and protect the parks for future generations so that we can all share it.”
-- Icelantic Artist and Co-Founder, Travis Parr

Each year moving forward, we plan to roll out new skis and apparel for a different National Park. We now proudly have the Rocky Mountain National Park Collection and the Grand Teton National Park Collection. Artwork will continue to be done by Travis Parr, but the setting will change each season! We're excited to share with you different National Parks over the next many years.

"The goal of this project is to highlight, create awareness, and generate revenue to help preserve and protect the parks for future generations. This is year 2 of a multi year project where we plan to introduce a new park annually to build a collection and donate directly back to each specific park. Hope you enjoy the Grand Teton NP skis and let us know what park you would like to see next!” -- Icelantic Founder, Ben Anderson


By Hanna Whirty | @hannawhirty

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