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Introducing: The Icelantic National Park Collection

Introducing: The Icelantic National Park Collection

We’re incredibly proud to introduce a brand new series of Special Edition National Park skis & gear. Each year moving forward, we will add a new National Park to the series. To debut, we thought we’d kick off this special collection with a place close to home…



The artwork behind this year’s Rocky Mountain National Park Collection was done by Icelantic Artist and Co-Founder Travis Parr. Featuring Rocky Mountain’s iconic Dream Lake, shop the top-selling Nomad 105 and women’s Maiden 101.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Collection features the Rocky Mountain Nomad 105, Rocky Mountain Maiden 101, artwork and winter apparel.


Why National Parks?

If you’re familiar with Icelantic, you know that our main mantra is #ReturnToNature through and through. By creating a National Parks collection, we hope to honor the beauty and importance that the parks offer.

“The National Parks are truly magical places. Our goal is not only to showcase their beauty, but also give back financially through the sales of the skis to preserve and protect the parks for future generations so that we can all share it.”
-- Icelantic Artist and Co-Founder, Travis Parr

Why start with Rocky Mountain National Park?

Colorado is home to Icelantic Skis. Our headquarters and retail space is located in Golden, Colorado; as a company we’ve been fortunate enough to call RMNP our backyard and playground. From hiking 14,000 foot peaks in the summer to backcountry touring in the winter, RMNP has played a key role in our employees’ lives.

“I wanted to showcase the iconic Dream Lake and Hallett Peak in the fall / winter, one of my personal favorite places within the park. Adding the Iconic Elk herd during mating season at the base of the lake tells the story of the wildlife that is unique to RMNP."
-- Icelantic Artist and Co-Founder, Travis Parr

What’s the plan for feature years?

Each year moving forward, we plan to roll out new skis and apparel for a different National Park. Artwork will continue to be done by Travis Parr, but the setting will change! We're excited to share with you different National Parks over the next many years.


By Hanna Whirty | @hannawhirty

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