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Japan - "The Land Of The Rising Sun" Should Be Called "The Land Of Falling Snow" - By Hayden Price

Japan is known as “The Land of the Rising Sun” but according to my recent calculations they might want to consider changing it to the “The Land of the Falling Snow”. 

We started our trip with an incredible New Year celebration with over 100,00 people. Everyone gathered at the biggest temple in Hokkaido to pay their respects and harness their intentions for the year to come. We loaded up the van and headed towards Niseko.

authentic Japanese hair cut to begin his immersion into the culture. I think he nailed it!

With that base covered we could begin our search for the legendary powder snow this wild island has to offer. It was not hard to find.

Photo By: Sam Watson Skier: Rachel Croft 

Photo by: Sam Watson Skier: Scotty VerMerris

Photo by: Sam Watson Skier: Julian Carr

Photo by: Sam Watson Skier: Amy David

Photo by: Sam Watson Skier: Hayden Price 

The snow hardly ever let up and on the couple days things warmed up we explored Japanese culture in cities like ocean shored Otaru. Wild fish markets, sushi and shrines were our top priority on these days.

The little buildings down below are natural hot springs known as Onsens. They really are an epic way to finish a day of ski touring. 

There are many things to figure out in a foreign land, toilets are very important. 

The sun rarely comes out but when it does the views are stunning. This is Lake Toya, a volcanic caldera lake near Rusutsu resort.

Icelantic babes Rachel and Amy taking in all the wonders and splendors.

Culture is everywhere here and we had the chance to see a Taiko drumming performance that blew our minds and hearts.

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