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Low Snow High Vibes - Early Season Expression With Icelantic's Hayden Price & Photos By: Chris Whitaker

Photos By: Chris Whitaker 

Words & Skiing By: Hayden Price 

"With very little snow fall in the western US in December I have been reflecting on this weather dependent activity we all love. I do my best not to complain about conditions and when Chris “Keyhole” Whitaker asked if I wanted to try to take some creative photos with the skimmer early season light I began to visualize dynamic movements. The light only shines in certain places this time of year and that coupled with snow consistency we found the parameters in which we could work. We focused on the man made features of cat tracks and snow gun formed mounds and ledges. After quite a bit of communication we had captured a few shots that we thought were worthy. This fueled the fire and we raced the descending sun on one of the shortest days of the year. To me these photos represent the small amount of snow necessary for fun. Combined with interesting light, we then had the ability to create imagery that both Chris and I find value. Creativity and inspiration from other sports like surfing help to broaden my approach to ski photography and I think we came up with some fairly unique shots. More snow has fallen now and we are off to see what the new coverage may open up for us. One thing is for sure, we are going to have fun while freezing these moments in time."

Hayden demonstrates how the Nomad's are playful, surfy, and fun!

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