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Rooster TV's Entrepreneur 101 - Ben Anderson

RoosterTV stopped by Icelantic Headquarters a few weeks back to chat with Founder, Ben Anderson. Ben dished out the dirt on how Icelantic has grown from an idea in his garage to being a internationally distributed ski brand.  Sit back and enjoy as Ben takes you on a trip through time... IcelanticSkisFounder_Entrepreneur101-01 Colorado produces some of the most creative, progressive, and dynamic brands in todays business world. So we wanted to hear from some of Colorado's most creative and innovative entrepreneurs. We set out to get their stories and to hear what they think it means to be an entrepreneur in today's day and age. On this episode of Entrepreneur 101 we chat with Ben Anderson, Founder of Icelantic skis. He gives us an idea of what it's like to run a brand that is seasonally dependent and how they creatively look for other opportunities, such as Winter on the Rocks. We also hear about about some of his memorable stories in his early years of the company. For more entertaining videos, check out Rooster TV at  
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