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Spring Skiventures With Julian Carr

The last few weeks I've had the ability to hit AK, Whistler, and hike Mt. Rainier.  Alaska was super special, in that, I was able to hike quite a few of the regions peaks with my good friends, and fellow Icelantic athlete, Mark Morris.  I've always been in a heli, each time I've been to AK, it was special to hike these mountains safely and have the views from the top, just like with a heli, but with my own two feet.

From there cruised to Portand, quick drive up, stopping in Seattle, on up to Whistler.  Spent a few days exploring the Whistler area and skiing the incredible mountain.

On the way back, we had blue skies, an extra day, so we decided to check out Mt. Rainier, wow!  What a mountain.  We hiked, 5500' up to the Muir camp, and watched the sun set, and made turns down to the parking lot.  Definitely want to get back and bag the whole mountain now!
Words by: @JulianCarr
And now some bonus footage recently released of Julian sending a front flip off an 80 footer. Just a another day in the life... Enjoy.
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