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Thanksgiving Giveaway - Amy David Spreading Winter Gratitude

Thanksgiving Giveaway - Winter Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the time of year that launches us into the ski season. Even more importantly, it’s a time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. I’ve been thinking of how amazed I am at the travel opportunities I’ve had and amazing gear I use through working with various outdoor companies. It felt right to organize a giveaway to share some incredible products with people who may need it. Check it out if you need a little something new or know someone who does!

 To enter the giveaway, simply go to my Instagram handle @AmyJaneDavid and look for the photos with “Thanksgiving Giveaway” on them. Step 1- Comment with 3 things you’re thankful for AND tag three friends you’re thankful for. Step 2- Follow the generous companies who donated prizes. Step 3- Enter on the new photo each day until the winners are announced on Saturday evening. I’ll message the winners to divvy out the prizes.

 What are the prizes? Holy smokes it’s good!

  • Two tickets to Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks Concert for Jan. 27 featuring Zedd, Anderson Pakk, and Lil Dicky with Icelantic t-shirts and beanies.
  • Descente International snow pants and fleece
  • Giro Snow helmet and goggles
  • Hestra gloves and shirt
  • And She’s Dope Too apparel and earrings
  • D-MOS Stealth shovel and shirt
  • Chums USA ski straps/carrier, eyeglass  retainer, goggle wipes
  • Beyond Coastal Suncare lip balm and sunscreen

 A few things I’m especially thankful for this year:

  • A family who is loving, supportive, and always looks out for each other.
  • Friends who know how to have a good time and also keep it real when times get tough.
  • The beautiful environment we get the chance to live and play in. Our lives depend on the health of our planet and I’m grateful for what the Earth provides for us.
  • Powder, skis, and the adrenaline about to be pumping through us on that first big ski day this winter!


Have a blast this holiday season! See you on the slopes!

-Icey Athlete, Amy David

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