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The Shaman Chronicles - Icelantic's most legendary ski is back in limited fashion at Glacier Ski Shop

Anyone who has followed the Icelantic brand over the years can tell you about the Shaman, it's a ski you never forget. The ski is incredibly recognizable with it's distinctive shovel tip shape, tip to tail taper, and the sexy sidecut. Every year the artwork on the ski by Travis Parr beckoned people to dig deep. It's looks aren't the only thing unique about The Shaman, it's dynamic, lively and unique performance have made this ski an absolute must have for many skiers. In fact we have seen a cult following behind this ski over the years and of course a lot requests to bring it back to the market. The Shaman was one of Icelantic's foundational offerings to the market, a ski that helped put Icelantic on the map, it's no wonder so many people approach us asking where it went and when it's coming back! Well, thanks to our good friend John Adams at Glacier Ski Shop in Mt. Baker Washington our most legendary ski of all times is back!.. in limited form.

Ladies and gentleman, introducing the The Shaman Chronicles! Read further to learn more from John about this special re-release at his store as well as an introduction from the man himself Travis Parr, Icelantic artist and co-creator of the famous ski. 

Here's what John has to say about his favorite ski ever.

-The Shaman Way-
"I learned to ski shortly after learning to walk. I spent my youth ski
racing and teenage years hucking off of anything and everything. The 20's
were spent snowboarding and I mastered the Telemark turn in my 30's. I
thought I had seen and done it all on the mountain. I was a Certified ski
instructor, Ski Shop owner, Master of the carve in all disciplines.
Then I met the Shaman. At first I couldn't take the ski seriously, but the
Shaman changed my perception. It opened up a new reality, a hidden door
into what was possible in the mountains. The unknown became the norm.
Other peoples opinions of what was right no longer mattered.
I have been with The Shaman now for over 10 years and close to 1000 days
and it is still my best mountain tool, a paint brush and surgical knife.
It has taken me to places I only dreamed about, turned the inconceivable
into the phenomenal.
I am thrilled to be offering the Shaman through Glacier Ski so
that others can experience this amazing piece of art and technology.

The Icelantic Shaman is the best back country ski ever made!
It will make a difficult line easy, turn bad snow good. It loves tight
trees, chutes and pillow lines.
It is light and easy on the skin track, yet has no speed limit on the down.
When I skied the N.W. Couloir on Mt Shuksan, A decent of over 5000
vertical feet in less than 5 minutes, I had to be ready for anything.
I took the Shamans."

(Below photo taken by: Grant Gunderson)John Adams

Glacier Ski Shop
Mt. Baker, WA.

Travis Parr tells about the creation of the new limited edition Shaman Chronicles.

"I have had the pleasure to create Icelantic's art for the last 13 years. The Shaman 173 is one of my personal favorites; It combines Olympic downhill capabilities with free-skiing. We have integrated the graphics from all 10 years of the Shaman's run in our re-release of the "Shaman Chronicles". By showcasing 10 years of images on the skis, it illustrates the personal and professional growth of Icelantic and myself. While creating the graphics for the Shaman, I tried to express the energy that comes with Shamanism: The light, the dark, the unknown, and the known." -PARR @parrstudios 

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