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There is "Good Skiing" and there is "Skiing that makes you good..." - Hayden Price

The powder snow of December is a distant memory as I try to recollect that feeling of winter bliss. Complaining about the ski conditions is not my thing however. We have been making the most of it by dressing up in one pieces and taking advantage of great mt biking weather too.
I have started working with Sony and their Action Cam team! This has inspired me to start a video series called "Wild Life". The first episode won the Discrete and Peruvian bar video contest! Every 2 and 4th Thursday they hold a killer video contest with over 1500 dollars in prizes for each time!
On another note, I bought Johnny Collinson's snowmobile last night and a truck today so needles to say I am amped up and ready to access the goods!
Keep an eye out for more Wild Life episodes coming out every couple weeks. (Here's a link back to our second episode if you missed it.) And remember... There are 2 types of skiing.There is "Good Skiing" and then there is "Skiing that makes you Good". - Hayden Price
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