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To Be A Gypsy...Ski

If I were a Gypsy Ski I would treat every day of winter season like Christmas morning.  Being able to play and bounce in the fresh powder under the feet of my rider would give me thrills of charging bigger and bigger peaks. The reverse camber rocker will provide me friendly flex to be able to turn any mountain to my own personal playground. My symmetrical dimensions allow me to pick up any mountain I want, moving on it with ease.  The reverse camber radius (just like the side cut radius) gives me performance like its on rails. I am no ordinary powder ski. 8j6_8Ff94sKTkUByD4kpM3C3lCBCbHhQCOm2FV4_LbM               Gypsy_Julian_Square900                  U0dlQriX9Te18j4lowGAesblQv0pHrZPQL4-VMVjcb8 Places I have been from right to left. Adam Roberts in White Pass, Washington hanging out in front of his crib. Photo taken by Jason Hummel.  Crushing the freshies with Julian Carr and his favorite skis, The Gypsy.  Summiting peaks around North America in a turbo prop plane with Whit Boucher and Jeff Cricco. For more information on The Gypsy Skny check this video out: Video of our very own Scotty VerMerris giving you the lowdown on our new Gypsy SKNY. Published by FreeSkier Magazine.  

Let It Snow!

Icey Crew

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