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Tribute to the Legendary Athletes

Another inspiration and visionary lost. And not just one this time but three. We want to celebrate the lives of JP Auclair, Andreas Fransson, and Liz Daley. Early last week we heard heart-breaking news that two skiing pioneers and one split boarder/climber were lost in an avalanche in Chile and Patagonia. JP-Auclair_542b93a82b8ac JP Auclair has been an innovator of this sport for two decades. He’s an industry superpower. He is what we grew up with an inspired us to take on those huge peaks. andreas-fransson1_outsideonline.se_ Fransson has established himself in the core ski world as one of the world’s premiere steep skiers. Going on pioneering descents all over the world, he is a true demonstration of the word Adventurer. Liz_Daley-2-330x330 Liz was a niche in a niche. The sport of split boarding is still new and when you get a woman split boarder and professional climber that travels around the world crushing descent expeditions its rare and an inspiration for women all over the globe. We will sorely miss all of them and what they have showed us over the years. So lets share remembrances. And be safe out there.
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