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Welcome to the team, Eben Mond and Katrina Devore!

Welcome to the team, Eben Mond and Katrina Devore!

We are so incredibly stoked to welcome two new athletes to our Athlete Squad. Both Eben and Katrina bring positive energy, incredible talent, and consistent smiles to the table while embodying the Icelantic #ReturnToNature spirit.

Look for Eben on the hill at Loveland and Katrina out in Aspen, and say hello!

A little bit more about Eben and Katrina:

Eben Mond | @ebenmond

A FIS-level ski racer into his early twenties, Eben Mond had a passion for skiing from day one. Moving to Colorado during college, Eben really began to explore the mountains both in resort and in the backcountry. He additionally picked up telemark and within the year competed in several competitions, gaining respect and sponsors. Eben has skied all over the world, filmed with prominent production companies and photographers, and built a life around the sport he loves. He is a product tester and content provider for multiple well-known ski industry companies. In 2009, Eben started the Loveland All-Mountain Freeride ski team which has grown to be a large component of the Loveland Ski Club, and an incredible addition to the Area. Eben has worked for Loveland Ski Area and/or Loveland Ski Club since 2003. He’s considered a Loveland local and has over 20 years experience skiing the Area. As much as Eben loves to explore the mountains and his own passions, he loves to instill the same in future generations. With a mountain-guide spirit, an intuitive feel for the mountains, unsurpassed motivation and a desire to continually grow, Eben’s goal is to ski well into his eighties.

Katrina DeVore | @katrinadevore

When you are born and raised in Aspen, Colorado, it is pretty normal to be put on skis as soon as you are able to walk. It was certainly the case in my family. And so skiing has become second nature. I raced until I was 11 when we moved to Chamonix, France for the year. There, my brother and I got avalanche gear and got more into big mountain. I went to college on the East coast at St. Lawrence University to play ice hockey. After I graduated college I questioned what I had been doing that whole time on the East Coast not really skiing much, and came directly back to Aspen where I began competing in big mountain extreme competitions. I’ve been skiing my little heart out ever since and I am so excited to be joining the Icelantic Skis family! I am looking forward to collaborating with Icelantic to help bring more awareness to different mountainous ecosystems and cultures and help encourage people to "return to nature." 


📷: Liam Doran (@liam_doran_outdoors), Casey Day (@powderfactoryskis), Nicholas DeVore (@nicholasdevore)

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