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Words, Love, and Call To Action For Gary

Words by Icelantic CEO Annelise Loevlie -

A couple months ago, one of our dear friends and beloved co-workers Gary Wyman sat Ben and I down and told us he had recently been diagnosed with ALS.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord, eventually halting motor neuron function and ultimately creating paralysis.   It is a rare disease (less then 20,000 Americans have it) and therefore, is severely underfunded in terms of research, treatment and cure efforts.

This news is shitty, to say the least, and though we have been hit hard by it, no one is hit harder then Gary and his new wife, Katie.

Icelantic is a community with a set of values that we try to always operate from. Included in these values is family.   Gary and Katie are part of our family, so I’m writing you today for two purposes: First, to raise a little awareness around this debilitating and mysterious disease, and second, to help Gary and his family through this huge life transition.

On Thursday April 13th, there will be an event at the Ogden theatre in Denver with the intention of raising money to help fund medical bills, house modifications, tools for the transition, etc.   If you are in the Denver area and want to support a great cause, hear some of the best local live music, win stellar prizes and experience a little of our family, please come.

If you’re not in the Denver area and you’d like to make a $5, $10, $50 dollar donation to Gary or to ALS, please do so at .

 Nothing can prepare anyone for this news, but there’s a lot that can help with the transition. Love and money right now are the two biggies, so if you have a little extra of either, please share.

 Thank you from the whole Icelantic Family.

 With Love,

 - Annelise

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