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07/08 Artwork - Join The Migration

Migration is an expression of Freedom. Freedom of movement, that great basic right, fills our lives with richness. The spreading of new ideas connects people near and far, enabling unseen webs of thought to steep in the traditions of the world. At Icelantic we have broadened our migratory paths across new frontiers and continue to spread our unique visions and products to open minds. Our search is continuous and must be inspired and empowered by fresh perspectives as well as established methods. Given the tools, we must embark upon this great quest with open eyes. Fear not the ebb and flow of change. Fear not the new and fantastic and strange. Embrace this dynamic world in all its diverse brilliance. Each one of us owes it to ourselves to be forever curious, adventurous and sincere. We at Icelantic invite you, once again, - to put your nose to the wind, stand up, and JOIN THE MIGRATION.

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