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12/13 Artwork - Find Your Rhythm

There’s a subtle symmetry that exists in all.A current that connects life, thought beats and breathes, trees and tides, seasons and suns.This cunning cadence breathes life into everything we know. Rhythm.Rhythm, not to be confined to , is defined as, timed movement through space. Timed…Movement…Through…Space…Rhythm is everywhere. It’s in the right left right of a boot pack and in the thump…thum-thump… of your heart as you summit.It’s in waves lapping you to sleep and the moon that makes you howl.There is a fainter, fiercer undercurrent, however, that is the generator of greatness.It is here, in the tiny spaces where you think nothing exists, that we invite you to explore.The inconspicuous intimation that gives reason to things unknown.The silent strand that drives you to be you.Icelantic strives for rhythm and balance in all things – ski, art, life and expression – and we invite you to join us.
Let’s do it together - FIND YOUR RHYTHM

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