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“At Icelantic, our mission is to help our customers Return to Nature. We create long lasting products that aim to inspire people through art and functionality to do just that. In order to live up to this mission, it is essential that we also project (protect?) nature in a variety of ways. Becoming Climate Neutral Certified was (is?) the first of many steps that Icelantic is taking to reduce the impact that our company and products have on the nature that we strive to return too. Climate Neutral gave (gives?) us the opportunity to quantify our carbon emissions and set actionable reduction targets that we will use to make our operations more efficient. We will continue our partnerships with a variety of planet focused organizations by donating a portion of our sales of limited edition ski, apparel, and original artwork. As we continue on this journey, we will be implementing a variety of changes to our operations to maintain our commitments to our customers and our environment.”