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Icey Grass Sticks

Icey Grass Sticks

$ 120.00

We’ve partnered with our good friends over at Grass Sticks to bring you beautifully hand-crafted, high-performing bamboo ski poles.


Each pole is hand sanded and finished with a UV/Moisture/Cold proof clear coat. Grass Stick grips are made with a soft cork that stays put in your hand with or without our 100% recycled polyester straps.  At the bottom you'll find a premium no-slip carbide tip and an interchangeable basket size and color of your choice.

All products are hand built in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and covered by a LIFETIME warranty. If you have issues regarding warranty on your Grass Sticks, reach out to them directly — more information here.

Why Bamboo?
Bamboo is an amazing material with the tensile strength of steel and a compressive strength greater than concrete. When cut to the length of a ski pole, the species of bamboo used at Grass Sticks provides the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility so it won’t snap or kink like aluminum.

Made In USA

All of our products are made with the highest quality materials and standards, proudly hand-crafted in the USA by people we know and trust. Working with domestic partners not only supports our local economy, but also allows us to keep a hands-on approach to the manufacturing process.