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10 Years Icelantic - Art Show Featuring The Work Of Travis Parr - Evo - Seattle

The Icelantic crew was in Seattle over the weekend celebrating and showcasing artwork spanning the last decade by Icelantic's artist and co-founder Travis Parr. The 10 Years Icelantic art show was held at one of our favorite retail spaces in Seattle called Evo

"Evo is the perfect partner to hold this event with us" says Icelantic founder Ben Anderson. "They have been behind us since day one and have always had a true affinity for Icelantic's skis and also Parr's art. The store has an amazing feel and they do a really great job of including gallery space into the mix."

Travis Parr has been responsible for creating all of Icelantic's imagery and topsheets on the skis since the brand's inception in 2004. Parr is known for being the visionary behind Icelantic's Annual Themes over the years as he brainstorms and then interprets these themes visually. His fans have enjoyed watching his evolution over the past decade demonstrating mastery in an array of mediums from painting and drawing to sculpture and graphic design. This event allowed people to access the artist and pick his brain about his process while getting a visual look into the history of Icelantic.

Parr Self Portrait

Parr adds insight to his work as he shares the process with fans.-Parr adds insight to his work as he shares the process with fans.-

Icelantic 10'th Year Anniversary Mountain Cultures Originals -Icelantic 10'th Year Anniversary Mountain Cultures Originals-

The showing featured some of Parr's personal work along with his Icelantic specific art. Some of the pieces were new this year and others were spanning the last decade to Icelantic's beginning. Above are the original pieces that went into this years ski line themed Mountain Cultures, each piece honing in on a specific region and culture of the world. Below is one of Parr's personal classics.

-Some of Parr's personal work.-

Some of Parr's personal work.

 -Parr's Nomad topsheet art up to the present day.-

Canvas reprints of these works of art by Parr and all other Icelantic pieces are available for order right here.


-Blog Post Written By: Scotty VerMerris

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