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4 Feet Of Fresh Powder, Pictures And Drone Footage To Prove It - Owen Leeper Is Off To A Good Start For The Season In Jackson Hole

Icelantic athlete Owen Leeper checks in with us about how good skiing has been over the holiday in Jackson.

Christmas week in Jackson Hole - 48" of snow since monday, Jackson Hole skiing was the best of the year this last week.

O_leeps getting pitted @jacksonhole. PC: Janelle Smiley



After a slow start to december, Jackson has been getting snow on and off for the last week. The resort has received over 100 inches this season and now all lifts are open at the resort.

The cliffs are starting to fill in, but for now it's good to keep it small. - PC: Meredith Edwards @merejune

Pictured below is "25 Short" run in Grand Teton National Park a couple days ago. More snow forecasted all week!

Skier: Owen Leeper PC: Chase Krumholz (above)

PC: @smileysproject (above)

PC: @timswartz (above)

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