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8 Reasons Why The ICELANTIC CREW Will Put Your Old Sweater To Shame

From the days of geometric nylon and cotton flannels people have been seriously under dressed in the mountains. The Icelantic Crew is a perfect second layer when you are shredding the powder. Here is a list of 8 things that makes the Icelantic Crew better then your old sweatshirt.

1.  New slimming design allows you to dress it down or dress it up. 2. Flex Fleece (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece) construction so it will never bag out. 3. The ladies/gents will love the soft touch of the sweater, making you the life of any party or sleep over! 4. The pullover sweatshirt features a soft interior and a baby rib neckline that is designed to not cause chafing. 5. It goes both ways...meaning its a unisex sweatshirt! 6. Variety of new fun color so you don't have to buy just one! 7. Icelantic logo or script letting you rock the brand all night long. Or all day, or all year, or for your whole life. You choose. 8. Flex Fleece blend allows crew to dry out faster then a normal 100% cotton sweatshirt.
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