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Amazing POV - Italian Icelantic Athlete Aaron Durogati Speed Flying From Top Of Mont Blanc

Icelantic athlete out of Italy Aaron Durogati bags Mont Blanc on foot and speed flies down. This mission was the second peak in his Red Bull Peaks Trilogy project where Durogati has set out to climb the three highest mountains in the Alps and fly down on skis and paraglider. Flying and skiing from all three peaks without any use of a helicopter has never been done. Aaron's first peak was Monte Rosa, and after Mont Blanc he will go after Breithorn. Stay tuned! Here is the white knuckle POV footage from his recent descent from Mont Blanc at 4,810 m on the new Icelantic Vanguard. The Vanguard is the perfect tool for Durogati because of it's superior strength and durability for managing high speed descents in the air and on the ground while also being ultra-light for climbing and mountaineering. _
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