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  • December 14, 2016

    Meeting The Maiden - From Alta To The Alps With Amy David

    Jumbo size snowflakes floated from the sky as I clambered in my ski boots through the Alta Ski Area parking lot until I found fellow Icey athlete and team manager, Scotty VerMerris. I squinted to see through the blustery snowfall as he pulled out a pair of skis from his truck. This was my first moment meeting The Maiden. Scotty handed the skis over to me, and we hustled to the Wildcat lift. After clicking into the skis and getting lifted into the sky on the two-man chairlift, I recall staring down at the ski’s topsheets mesmerized until it was time to put those babies to use. All afternoon, we repeated the cycle. Lift ride to pow slashing, pillow bashing, and cliff dropping. I immediately fell in love with the Maiden for it’s versatility of being playful and surfy in the smooth powder while maintaining a durability in the chopped up snow and providing a stable ski to land airs on.

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