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Athlete Profile: Scotty Vermerris

My life as a skier started on tiny hill in Ohio at about age three. People often ask me how I became so obsessed with skiing at a young age without real mountains around me. My response is similar to most other passionate skiers out there regardless of where they come from and it’s simple… skiing on that hill was the most fun I could ever imagine having, I felt so free sliding on snow even in the confines of only 230 feet of vert. Scotty Profile Silverton Hoodie Scotty BW Hummel Whte Pass Growing up I had amazing parents and friends who helped me branch out and experience skiing on larger levels and it didn’t take long for me come to the conclusion that I would move west to the Rockies as soon in life as I could and that’s what I did. I moved west at age 19 and have been blessed by mountain life now for 14 years. Skiing is still one of my favorite things to do and I feel incredibly lucky to have it included in my job description. CREW Scotty Julian I have been a skier with Icelantic Skis since the first year the company officially hit the market 9 years ago and I have been the athlete manager at Icelantic now for about 7 years. How I got this lucky I have no idea but I give thanks every day for the opportunity to work in the ski world with such an incredible brand and family of friends. Scotty Gary Ben Rebecca Heli Scotty Rebecca Chairlift When I discovered Icelantic I immediately fell in love. The art, the idea, the product, and the people behind the brand are all dear to me. To have the opportunity to help build such an amazing brand alongside such passionate people is awesome and I can't wait to see where it takes me. I have been fascinated with skiing and the people who helped push the sport to where it is now. It is very inspiring to now have the opportunity to work with the people who are continuing the development of skiing. I'm talking about athletes, designers, retailers, filmers, photographers all the way to weekend warriors chasing down smiles. Scotty Alex AK Scotty Alex I still get the same feeling I did as a kid every time I click into my skis and I still get star struck when I get to hang out with the amazing athletes on my team. The bottom line is I love skiing, the mountains, the people and everything they have taught me, I’m lucky to call it work. To be able to explore the world, learn about business and experience mother nature while building personal relationships is a blessing and it keeps me healthy. There’s just as much hard work as there is play in my world and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Once again this winter season I’ll be out there on the hill sharing skis, turns and the Icelantic love with whoever wants it. I invite anyone reading this to come to the mountains and join us in the fun. - Scotty Vermerris    
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