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  • February 12, 2016

    A+ Ski Edits Featuring Icelantic Athletes Parker Norvell and Cody Potter Created By Andrew Mildenberger

    Check out these A+ ski edits featuring Icelantic athletes Parker Norvell and Cody Potter created by Andrew Mildenberger.

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  • April 23, 2015

    Smooth Surfing With Cody Potter

    Cody Potter started out as an intern here at Icelantic Skis and is now quickly moving his way up the ranks of all the other athletes on our team. He's been having one hell of a season winning just about every rail contest he enters not to mention making it out to the World University Games in Granada, Spain. If you haven't heard of Cody keep your eyes and ears peeled as we guarantee you'll be seeing a lot of him in the future. Now enjoy some smooth sailing as Cody cruises through the park in Breckenridge, CO.

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  • November 21, 2014

    Athlete Profile: Scotty Vermerris

    My life as a skier started on tiny hill in Ohio at about age three. People often ask me how I became so obsessed with skiing at a young age without real mountains around me. My response is similar to...

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  • November 10, 2014

    Return To Nature With Nick Martini

    At Icelantic we believe in a deep connection with nature. This years theme celebrates symbols from ancient oceans to deep elder forests, from our Mountain Mother to our Ocean Father and the animals that help complete the circle. There is a delicate balance in nature - one that highlights both the intricacies of the individual as well as the symbiosis of the community. When we step away from the screen and turn our attention to the forests, the mountains, the streams and all of the inhabitants within, we will see life - as it's meant to be. We will discover an abundance of resources that nourish our mind, body and soul, if we slow down enough to listen. You'll usually find Icelantic Athlete Nick Martini ripping his Nomads RKR's through the streets or behind the lens of his camera filming for his company, STEPT Productions. When Nick's not slaying the urban landscape or editing his latest film, he's stepping back and taking it all in...

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  • September 24, 2014

    Freeskier Is Giving Away A Pair Of Da'Nollies - Enter To Win!

    Our friends at Freeskier are giving away a pair of Da'Nollies, Click this link to enter!--> ICELANTIC DA'NOLLIE GIVEAWAY Follow this link to be entered to win and learn more about the product: Official Rules:

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  • September 9, 2014

    New Edit From The Brotherz Unbound

    Check out this new edit from The Brotherz Unbound, pulling together footage from 2010 to the present. . THE BEGINNINGS | BROTHERZUNBOUND (2010-2014) from Brotherz Unbound on Vimeo.

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  • August 5, 2014

    Video Recaps From Icelantic Week At Woodward At Copper

    . Icelantic pro athletes Jaron Stadler, Nick Martini, Charlie Owens, Jeremy Brown, David Van Atta, Peyton O'Connor, and Scotty VerMerris took Woodward At Copper by storm for a week this summer. Here are a couple recap videos highlighting what went...

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