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Behind the Artwork: The 21/22 Ski Collection

Behind the Artwork: The 21/22 Ski Collection

Introducing the 2021/2022 ICELANTIC SKI COLLECTION! Starting Tuesday, April 20th through April 30th, Icelantic skis will be available to pre-order with a guaranteed delivery of September 15th. 

10% of each sale will be donated to Protect Our Winters. As participation in the outdoors increases, so does impact, and POW is a leader in policy and legislation protecting the special places that give us so much. 

PRE-SALE STARTS: April 20th, 10am MT 
SKI DELIVERY: September 15th, 2021

No discount or promo codes available for the pre-sale.



NEW for this year we are excited to introduce the Saba Pro 107 to compliment the Saba Pro 117. With a narrower platform, the Saba Pro 107 will be quicker edge to edge, creating a more versatile ski that you can ski everyday.

The Saba + Nia are two freeride skis designed around the lucky number seven. Unlike other pro models out there, our Saba + Nia were designed as part of collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world. They took on full creative control with shape, flex, artwork, and construction while designing the ski of their dreams. The Saba and Nia feature Icelantic’s Reflective Rocker profile. Reflective Rocker is a full rocker profile that mirrors the sidecut radius, creating a ski that is both playful and surfy when skiing flat, while still allowing the skier to engage the entire edge, providing the power to charge and carve the ski when needed. Designed with a long, gradual rocker profile and a balanced flex, the Saba + Nia are stiff enough to minimize chatter, while providing the skier a solid platform to stomp landings without wheeling out.

Our Nia Pro continues with a wildflower theme while still being bold & strong, while the Saba Pro will continue focusing on geometric patterns in a dreamlike setting - both directions are decisions made by a collaboration between our men’s and women’s athlete teams, and artist Parr.


The Freeride Collection takes a deeper dive into each of the ancient civilizations of the 20/21 Nomad + Maiden Freeride Collections, showcasing ancient civilizations and the environments that forged them. To know and honor our past is to pave the way for progress and evolution, so as we honor what was, we beckon what will be. We are a global society now more than ever before, and recognizing that we all come from the same land—different as it may look—we all bring knowledge that is vital for human evolution. The Freeride Collection is our storytelling & theme-driven artwork from Travis Parr this season.


The Nomad 95 illustrates the environment of Ancient Puebloans. Little is known about the Ancient Puebloans, save for their dwellings and tools. Built along cliff walls and accessed many times by rope or ladder, the villages were oriented towards community and security, using the natural resources available to them to their advantage.


The Nomad 105 illustrates the environment of the Ancient Norsemen. Ships were an integral part of the Viking culture. A sea-fareing society, the ancient Norse people used the seas, stars, and sails to facilitate transportation, exploration, and trade around the world. Runes, as seen here, represented symbols of great importance, both honoring and communicating between the natural, and the supernatural.


The Nomad 115 illustrates the environment of Ancient Mayans. The Mayan people believed in the cyclical nature of life which was inspired by the observation of the natural world. Keen astronomers, the Mayan people built pyramids to replicate the Mountain of the Gods, many of which have doorways and other features aligning to celestial events. The tracking of time, through a system of calendars, was one of the most notable contributions of the mayan culture, and there is too much to say on that here, so we’ll digress.



The Maiden 91 illustrates the environment of Ancient Egyptians. Geometry, irrigation, agriculture, and medicine are just a few of the contributions that came out of ancient Egypt. The iconic pyramids’ smooth, angled sides symbolized the rays of the sun and were designed to help the king's soul ascend to heaven and join the gods, particularly the sun god, Ra. As sun worshipers, pyramids were also thought to be representative of the descending rays of the sun—connecting the earth, the sky, and everything in between.


The Maiden 101 illustrates the environment of the Ancient Greek. Temples, like the one seen here, were structures built to house deity statues within Greek society. One of the most known associations, that of mythology, was an integral part of the evolution of ancient Greece, and of the world. Stories of heroes, saviors, elements, feasts, and the likes, ultimately provided a solid paradigm of the creation of the universe, the world, and human beings.


The Maiden 111 illustrates the environment of Ancient Japanese. When you walk through a Torii, you know you’ve entered somewhere sacred. Built to symbolize this transition, the entrance of a shinto shrine, welcomes the walker to a space of mythology, beauty, wonder, and a mixture of human and spirit unique to Japan. Cherry blossoms hold a beautiful and important reminder of the fleeting nature of life, and the beauty abound in a moment.


Our All-Mountain Collections are an evolving aesthetic of wood and mountain themes. For the 21/22 Pioneer and Riveter collections, we've added stunning pops of bold color reminiscent of the Northern Lights and other natural phenomena.


The 21/22 Backcountry Collection continues our annual theme of geo/mapping/mythological creatures by featuring a kraken on the Natural and a jackalope on the Mystics, combined with an angled solid tail.



These skis mimic their Freeride Collection brother + sister with their respective “Ancient Civilizations” themes modified to be slightly more muted along with an angled solid tail indicative of its place among Icelantic’s Backcountry Series.

The Nomad 105 LITE features similar artwork to the Nomad 105 of the Freeride Collection, highlighting the ancient Norse.

The Maiden 101 LITE features similar artwork to the maiden 101 of the Freeride Collection, highlighting the ancient Greek.


The Scout Freeride Collection highlights some of our favorite environments that Planet Earth and beyond has to offer. This year's Scout Collection tells the story of outer space and our universe's far-away galaxies.

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