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Behind the Artwork: The 22/23 Ski Collection

Behind the Artwork: The 22/23 Ski Collection

Introducing the 2022/2023 ICELANTIC SKI COLLECTION! Starting Monday, May 23rd through May 27th, skis will be available to pre-order with a guaranteed delivery of September 15th. 

10% of each sale will be donated to Protect Our WintersAs participation in the outdoors increases, so does impact, and POW is a leader in policy and legislation protecting the special places that give us so much. 

Co-Founder and Artist Travis Parr has blown us away yet again with the artwork for the 22/23 Collection. Check it out below. 

PRE-SALE STARTS: May 23rd, 10am MT 
SKI DELIVERY: September 15th, 2021

No discount or promo codes available for the pre-sale.



This year we are continuing to offer the Pro Collab Collection featuring the Saba Pro 107, Saba Pro 117, and Nia Pro 105. We maintained the theme of wildflowers for the Nia, highlighting the iconic sunflower. For the Saba, we continued to showcase sacred geometry combined with natural scenery. 

Unlike other pro models out there, our Saba + Nia were designed as part of collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world. They took on full creative control with shape, flex, artwork, and construction while designing the ski of their dreams. The Saba and Nia feature Icelantic’s Reflective Rocker profile. Reflective Rocker is a full rocker profile that mirrors the sidecut radius, creating a ski that is both playful and surfy when skiing flat, while still allowing the skier to engage the entire edge, providing the power to charge and carve the ski when needed. Designed with a long, gradual rocker profile and a balanced flex, the Saba + Nia are stiff enough to minimize chatter, while providing the skier a solid platform to stomp landings without wheeling out.

Our Nia Pro continues with a wildflower theme while still being bold & strong, while the Saba Pro will continue focusing on geometric patterns in a dreamlike setting - both directions are decisions made by a collaboration between our men’s and women’s athlete teams, and artist Parr.


This year’s Freeride Collection takes on the theme of transformation and rebirth. Every day, all around us, nature goes through cycles of renewal — whether it be through the changing color of the leaves in the fall, new flowers budding each spring, or the myriad of new species that are brought into the world every day. Rebirth and transformation are a crucial component in nature, and are honored in this year’s Nomad and Maiden Freeride Collections. The Freeride Collection is our storytelling & theme-driven artwork from Travis Parr this season.


With this year’s Nomad Collection we chose to illustrate the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, a symbol of renewal and rebirth dating back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Legends say that the powerful phoenix rises from the ashes of its predecessors to begin a new life; because of this, the phoenix is one of the most well known symbols of nature’s cycle of long life, death, and rebirth.


This year’s Maiden Collection portrays the beautiful metamorphosis of butterfly. Many different ancient cultures and civilizations have long since seen this life cycle as a metaphor for rebirth — and beyond that, the metamorphosis represents hope, bravery, and positive change.

"Butterflies show us how we can go within ourselves to dissolve old forms and morph, rebuilding and evolving ourselves”
— Anna Cariad-Barret, author of Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm, and Spider


Our All-Mountain Collections are an evolving aesthetic of wood and mountain themes. For the 22/23 Pioneer and Riveter collections, we've added vibrant pops of color reminiscent of the Northern Lights and other natural phenomena.


The 22/23 Backcountry Collection continues our annual theme of geography and maps, featuring topographic design and bold colors.



These skis mimic their Freeride Collection brother + sister with their respective “Transformation” themes modified to be slightly more muted along with an angled solid tail indicative of its place among Icelantic’s Backcountry Series.

The Nomad 105 LITE features similar artwork to the Nomad 105 of the Freeride Collection, highlighting the rising of the phoenix.

The Maiden 101 LITE features similar artwork to the maiden 101 of the Freeride Collection, highlighting the metamorphosis of a butterfly.





Travis Parr, known as “PARR” by those who know his work, has created every topsheet for Icelantic since Day One. Having grown up in Evergreen, Colorado, Parr is an avid backcountry skier & snowboarder, woodsman, and pathfinder, with a great appreciation for the outdoors.

After graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, he returned to his hometown of Evergreen to launch and establish Icelantic Skis, where he has acted as Co-Founder and Art Director for the past 15 years. Transcending form and evoking passion, his work has been featured in galleries, commercial spaces, and entertainment venues all around the world. He currently resides in Laguna Beach with his family.

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