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Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Another trip around the sun, and today we celebrate our planet.

Return to Nature has always been a part of our ethos since inception, and so much of why we do what we do at Icelantic. As an independent brand, we know that there is plenty of work to do on the path toward environmental sustainability; and we'e excited to continue sharing some of the steps we're taking.

Icelantic is happy to announce that we have been officially re-certified Climate Neutral for 2022! We are offsetting 100% of our 2021 emissions including the emissions required to source, produce, and ship our products. As we strive to find creative ways to protect and return to nature, we found it necessary to continue this certification as a way to invest in the planet and our future.

What is the Climate Neutral Certification?

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified is a process that Icelantic takes very seriously to measure our company's impact. We work very closely with our suppliers to compile information on materials, energy usage, and shipping to name a few. With all of this information we are able to create an accurate and verifiable carbon emissions estimation.

We then offset 100% of our company's emissions with verified carbon credits from a variety of projects around the world including renewable energy projects and projects related to forest management and avoided deforestation. By partnering with Climate Neutral, and other certified brands, we are able to pool our resources and maximize the potential of these projects. Our certification then requires us to make commitments to reduce our emissions and report on these reductions annually before being able to re-certify next year.

We were able to achieve our reduction goals set in 2021 and now procure 100% solar energy for our headquarters in Golden, CO as well as drive a new hybrid eclectic jeep around the country to events and demo’s. If you see it in the wild please come say hello!

Why are we continuing our Climate Neutral Certification?

By becoming Climate Neutral Certified, Icelantic is joining hundreds of other companies that are committed to changing the way businesses measure and offset their impacts on the planet. We believe that a cleaner future will involve investments in global environmental projects as well as a commitment to reduce our own impacts. Our certification is a continuation of our commitments to our planet and our customers as we work to do even more in the future.

What have we done in the past year? What are we doing moving forward?

Last year, we set two objectives:
    We’ve updated our company vehicle to Jeep’s new Hybrid Electric Wrangler for better fuel efficiency and fully electric capabilities.
    We’ve switched to solar! We now procure 100% solar energy for our headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

We're proud to say we successfully implemented and achieved both of our goals!

What's Next?

In 2021 Icelantic experienced a myriad of what can only be described as “supply chain” issues that forced us to rush shipments in order to get products to our customers on time. We are already planning for next season where we hope to drastically reduce the number of air shipments and the large amount of emissions that come from airfreight.

As Icelantic has continued to grow it has become clear that we need to reevaluate and pioneer new ways to package and ship skis around the world. We will be working with local partners to try and change the materials that go with a pair of skis as they are delivered to our customers.

In Fall 2022 Icelantic will be releasing our first annual sustainability impact report that will outline in greater detail our Climate Neutral Certification, operational changes, and future commitments to people, planet and profits.

More Information:

        • For more questions about Climate Neutral please refer to their about page found here:
        • For more information on our carbon emissions and offsets please check out our Certified Brand Profile Page:
        • For more questions about Icelantic’s certification please reach out to our Sustainability Manager at

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