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First Day Of The Season - Feeling Like A Kid Again

The '15/'16 ski season has officially begun! The Icelantic crew celebrated the major holiday that is opening day yesterday in Colorado at Loveland Ski Area. Traffic was non-existent, slopes were primed with a surprisingly great mix of natural made and man made snow and skiing was awesome for day one!

 There are few things better than the feeling of clicking into your skis for the first time after the off season and pointing them down the hill and letting them run. Day one for us was nothing but glorious at Loveland, the inner child was quickly released as we ran our human train down the hill flaunting brand new Icelantic Skis and huge shit eating grins. If only that feeling could be bottled and saved... Well the good news is we have the whole Winter ahead of us so GO SKIING and tap into your inner child as much as you possibly can!


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