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Freeskier Snapshot of "Ten & Two" By Stept Productions

Its hard to stay current in a fast pace industry that continually re-invents itself like the ski industry.  And what is even harder to believe is that the effect on a skis technology directly changes and alters the skiers experience.

With the re-design of the Da’Nollie ski now having a wider platform from a 88mm to 95mm and added rocker design on the tip and tail of the ski, making the Da’Nollie, Freeskier Magazine Editors Pick For BEST Park Skis for 2014/2015 season. Check it out here!

One of our riders, Charlie Owens, was shredding in the Da’Nollies for the new film "Ten & Two" produced by Stept Productions. This ski film is featured in Freeskier Magazine with snap shots and behind the scenes look of the making of it.

Segment from Freeskier: “Seamus!” Belts out a loud voice. It’s my roommate Tim. “Get your shit together dude, come on. It’s already peak tanning hours, and you’re inside sleeping.” I abruptly lift my head up off the pillow, look around the living room with a bird’s eye view from my homemade loft and think to myself, “Holy shit, what the hell am I doing?” It’s just past 10 in the morning in Boulder, CO. It’s early June. Situated on top of my sleeping platform—crafted from two-by-fours and plywood—I aggressively rip the sheets off of my body. “What, are you butt naked up there?” questions my roommate impatiently. I can feel each of my pupils trying to adapt to the light at different wavelengths, causing me to think I’m still tripping. To some, this would instill concern, but for the majority of people I spend time with, this is the norm. Before I climb down my ladder, Charlie Owens, a brown-haired, hillbilly-looking lunatic, walks through the front door. He’s carrying a handful of PBR cans as if they were the last of his possessions. He’s dressed in black pants, black boots and a full torso neck brace. “Chuck!” I cry out. “You get laid last night?” Read more at

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