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Icelantic Celebrates 10'th Year Anniveresary With Final Hoe Down at Battery 621

"Ski everyday, don't drink too much, but don't drink too little." -

Over the weekend Icelantic celebrated our 10'th Birthday and Launch Of Winter in style. This party was not only a 10'th Year Anniversary celebration, it was also our final hoe down at Battery 621 where Icelantic has been headquartered for 5 of our 10 years. Bitter sweet is the best way to describe the feeling as we come to an end of an era here at this building amongst such a great community. Fun was had by all, check out the photos!


baby catalog

baby hang

New 5280 collection is looking good!

Icelantic athlete Cody Potter say's "get some new Icey threads!" Click to see 5280 Collection  

(Below) -Icelantic CEO and her Mom MJ with Trygve Berge sowing off an original promotional poster for Breckenridge. Trygve now 83 was the best dressed dude in the house, when asked what his secret was he said, "Ski everyday, don't drink too much, but don't drink too little." Pretty good advise we'd say.

(Below) - New personal work by Travis Parr

The Rapid Grass Quintet brought the thunder. We had our last Jig Off at Battery 621 and possibly the rowdiest dance party ever on this here rooftop. 

Icelantic athlete Mark Morris on the guitar.

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