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Has the word adventure become cliché?

I think it all about perspective and the gratitude you feel on your expeditions.

To help with your expeditions you will need the right gear for the journey…

The Nomad RKR is by far the best thing you will ever ride in your life. With a balanced flex, 2mm of camber underfoot and a rocker tip and tail, The Nomad RKR is a hybrid wanderer that carves, floats, and butters its way down any terrain. Like most fun things, The RKR also contains an element of power and surprise—one worthy of pushing, exploring and charging. If you favor a bit of everything and want a ski that can handle anything, AND like having a good time, The RKR is the ski for you!

Check out Scotty "Ramirez" giving you more info on The Nomad RKR. Powered by Powder Magazine and evo.

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