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The Cody Potter Come Back - Not Waiting For Next Season

C-Pott's Comeback from OneDegreeTV on Vimeo.

Words by Cody Potter
On April 15th, 2017 I took a hard crash which resulted in two broken ribs, a partially punctured lung, and left me knocked out for about a minute. The Frisco Medical Center monitored me and allowed me to leave that night after seeing my oxygen levels were improving. This day was difficult, not only because of the immediate pain I was in, but also because of what my family, friends, and girlfriend had witnessed.
After several days of taking things easy, I was starting to feel more and more like I could do physical activity. One week following the crash I went on a 8 mile hike which really put my healing lungs / ribs to the test. This marked the day that I knew I was going to be able to ski before the season's end. 
Exactly one month after the crash, I found myself skiing Mt. Hood and it felt amazing to be set free again. Still with minor pain in the rib area, I knew I wasn't ready for full-send, but the important part was that I returned to the ski hill. 
About 45 days after the crash, I ran the entire Bolder Boulder 10K without stopping, my time was 55 minutes. This had me fired up! I was back!
Each summer for the past several summers, Icelantic sponsors a week of camp at Woodward Copper, in which select Icey athletes get a chance to ski for the week on hill, hand out prizes, and get the campers stoked. With my body fully functional, this was going to be my last chance to ski hard before the next season. 
This edit embodies the energy I felt being back on my skis after a couple months of taking things easy. I was wearing a helmet during the crash and still got knocked out pretty good, so I think it's a good idea to wear it most of the time from now on. I want to thank Owen Dahlberg for filming all week and Woodward for hosting the Icey crew! Hope everyone enjoys the edit: C-Pott's Comeback
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