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Come Hike With Us... Silverton Sick Days

Each year Icelantic heads down to Silverton, CO to attend Bent Gate Mountaineering's "Sick Days". Their annual event consists of ripping Silverton with Pro Skiers, Ski industry Reps and like minded individuals who know where to be on the weekend that Bent Gate takes over Silverton. Bent Gate secures the entire mountain making this a private event? Let's just put it this way... If you've ever attended we know you'll be back... Not only is the skiing epic but the crew of individuals that gather in Silverton you won't find anywhere else.   You'll hike some gnarly terrain but you'll be cracking jokes the entire time with a new crew of friends while earning some of the best pow turns of the season. Careful... You' haven't won them over yet. You may be challenged to an arm wrestling duel later that night after we host our annual Jig Off at Montanya Rum Bar. Things get weird in a good way... We'll fill you more in on this later.

Here are a few photos from the start of day one to wet your whistle.  Viva Sick Days!!!


Icelantic Atheltes Mark Morris and Whit Boucher peering out into that gnar...


What do you guys feel like doing first...? To the top of the Billboard it is!


About halfway there...


Hey are you light headed...? Almost there gentlemen!!!


Icelantic Founder Ben Anderson is speechless!!!


My legs are beat... Might as well hop in the bird...

To Be continued... We'll be back with more from Silverton, CO!!!

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