The 17/18 series tell the story of EXPLORATION.  The constant strive to continue to explore the world we live in not only inspires us, but keeps us moving in the right direction.  Each ski highlights a different way and area the great explorers have traveled throughout history. Air, Water, Land, Outer Space, Inner Space.
For the 16-17 season we’ve chosen to convey a multi-dimensional way of looking at a subject. Through the use of different techniques and artistic styles; Drawing, Collage, Watercolor, Painting, Graphic Design and Photography, we boldly showcase a variety of Fine Art mediums. With something for every taste, this lineup is sure to please!
For the 15-16 season we highlight several iconic Mountain Cultures from around the world.  These cultures have been crafted over millennia in response to experiences and natural elements within their environments.  From the peaks that dictate light and dark, to the way people travel, adaptation spawns culture.  So much of human potential has been discovered both on the summits of these rugged icons as well as in the shadowy valleys.  As a tribute to our 10 Year Anniversary, artist Travis Parr incorporates painting, photos, sculpture and sketches – all mediums that have been used previously, to highlight the culmination of a decade of Icelantic culture and pay tribute to those Mountain Cultures that have shaped the way we live and allow us to do what we do.
At Icelantic we believe in the deep connection to nature. This years series celebrates symbols from ancient oceans to deep elder forests, from our Mountain Mother to our Ocean Father and the animals that help complete the circle. There is a delicate balance in nature - one that highlights both the intricacies of the individual as well as the symbiosis of community.  When we step away from the screen and turn our attention to the forests, the mountains, streams and all of the inhabitants within, we will see life – as it’s meant to be.  We discover an abundance of resources that nourish our mind, body and soul – if we slow down enough to listen.  - RETURN TO NATURE
As humans, it is in our nature to explore-to ask questions and form answers-to find limits and push them.  The more we question, the more we discover.  The more we discover, the more we understand.  However, tru self-discovery takes risk, and stepping out of our comfort zone takes guts.Icelantic was born from a curiosity and willingness to cros the line.  Entering into the 2013-2014 season, we continue to explore our limits-from the art on our skis to the new SKNY Series and we invite and encourage you to do same.  To look froma a different perspective, follow a thought you wouldn't normally follow, ski a line you've never skied before. EXPLORE YOUR MIND
There’s a subtle symmetry that exists in all.A current that connects life, thought beats and breathes, trees and tides, seasons and suns.This cunning cadence breathes life into everything we know. Rhythm.Rhythm, not to be confined to , is defined as, timed movement through space. Timed…Movement…Through…Space…Rhythm is everywhere. It’s in the right left right of a boot pack and in the thump…thum-thump… of your heart as you summit.It’s in waves lapping you to sleep and the moon that makes you howl.There is a fainter, fiercer undercurrent, however, that is the generator of greatness.It is here, in the tiny spaces where you think nothing exists, that we invite you to explore.The inconspicuous intimation that gives reason to things unknown.The silent strand that drives you to be you.Icelantic strives for rhythm and balance in all things – ski, art, life and expression – and we invite you to join us. Let’s do it together - FIND YOUR RHYTHM
There was a time, long, long ago, when humans and animal were one.There was no tame or wild, no zoos or safari rides, no distinction between humans and animals – there was life – in all forms, co-existing and co-exploring.Today, we marvel at nature, at the bighorn sheep on the side of the road, or the lost bear roaming the city streets. We pay to take pictures of lions and tigers, but do we ever stop to ask ourselves, “Why?" Why are we so intrigued with these other life forms? What does their presence do to our being? Why do we feel a certain attachment to one animal over another? And why can you dog always make you smile? As a skier, you understand the power of nature in all forms. From the magic of a silent, snow blanketed forest, to the feeling of a chickadee’s talons gripping your fingertips as he snacks on seeds. There is mysticism about that life which you don’t understand and a connection that runs deeper than anything we know today.Animals speak to those ready to listen. The language is not understood but felt – it’s an ancient language and it carries timeless lessons. Everything we need exists now and is available for us when we are ready,. So this year, we invite you to take a moment to connect – whether it be with the crickets singing you to sleep or with the elk snacking on your petunias, and then, to look within.For it is here, in the wonder of nature that we return to the simplicity of life and are reawakened to the phenomena that is man-king. Let’s Shred some Gnar!
If someone asked you why you like music, how would you answer? It can’t really be put into words or expressed by conversation – It is self-evident. That’s kind of like someone asking you why you like skiing. Music provides a conduit for emotions and expression. Without grammar or definition, music communicates the untold undefined pieces that make our lives whole. Music contains ancient patterns woven in time; there is logic, momentum, unbreakable sequences, flowing rhythms, mystery and clarity all working together. Much like skiing, music is less about playing the right notes and more about feeling them. You can travel to the other side of the world, bot understand a single word on the menu, in the subway, on the computer keyboard, but the moment you click in and crank it up, it’s all clear. No words need be spoken. Feelings are shard. Emotions created, and experiences born. This is the music of life. So kick off your shoes, embrace the flow and TUNE IN!
Our senses are our vehicles, the driving forces that propel us to experience the world and craft reality. And what complex and bountiful forces they are!~ Not only have they enabled our very survival’ they have fostered an existence filled with subtlety and wonder, beauty and sublimity. When we confront our reality, it is thorough our senses. As our senses steer us, they remind us of their primal origins. We become aware of our connection to the very core of life. Out of this awareness emerges a perpetual renewal, an affirmation of our place in the universe. This year, we at Icelantic honor our senses. We credit our rich lives to their power. And as we aid you in your quest to shape a reality that spans the spectrum of experience, we invite you – relish these tools – AWAKEN YOUR SENSES
Migratory paths awaken our minds to different worlds. Only by confronting the unfamiliar can we hope to rescue the lost bonds that once united humanity. This year, Icelantic has gathered a tribe of cultural icons from across the continents.These individuals are chosen because of their power and energy and because they possess the great, enduring character of the true leader. Assembling from diverse locales, our tribe has united under the flag of autonomy: Shed the tattered scare of uncertainty and discover your inner heart. Winter abounds, the harsh wind bites – do you have what it takes to let go of what is safe and sheltered and reach for the summit? Only you can answer that question See you on the mountain. – Icelantic.
Migration is an expression of Freedom. Freedom of movement, that great basic right, fills our lives with richness. The spreading of new ideas connects people near and far, enabling unseen webs of thought to steep in the traditions of the world. At Icelantic we have broadened our migratory paths across new frontiers and continue to spread our unique visions and products to open minds. Our search is continuous and must be inspired and empowered by fresh perspectives as well as established methods. Given the tools, we must embark upon this great quest with open eyes. Fear not the ebb and flow of change. Fear not the new and fantastic and strange. Embrace this dynamic world in all its diverse brilliance. Each one of us owes it to ourselves to be forever curious, adventurous and sincere. We at Icelantic invite you, once again, - to put your nose to the wind, stand up, and JOIN THE MIGRATION.
Whether we are conscious of it or not, the human brain is actively seeking the structural limits of reality. It is at these limits where reality expands beyond the realms of rationality and enters the realm of wonder. Be experiencing wonder, it becomes grounded in space and time, becoming part of our reality. It is here, at this crux of science, and art, that we choose to take action. We are committed to exploring the structure of wonder and delivering our results to you.